Quantity Surveying & Cost Management

Quantity Surveying & Cost Management:

Quantity Surveying / Construction cost control is a key management function in the process of guiding a project from inception through to successful completion.

MGM Partnership has a hugely successful track record in cost control of projects across all sectors of industry.  Our central role typically involves establishing the initial budget, closely monitoring the agreed budget and guiding the project through the financial complexities of modern construction and engineering while continuously reporting directly to and consulting with the client.

Extensive in-house services are available within the Practice to assist us in fulfilling this role using latest advances in information technology and our electronic database systems to further enhance the quality of the services we provide.

Computer programmes have been developed to assist our professional work in cash flow prediction, valuation of work in progress, final accounting, cost reporting and cost control, contract documentation and cost data information.

Budget Estimates

Typically this is a critical stage of the project as typically on any project, 80% of the costs are committed within the first 20% of elapsed time on the project.

MGM Partnership has a large database of cost information which is continually updated to reflect current market rates to ensure that all cost information is up to date and relevant to the particular project, including geographical location.

These agreed budget costs remain the benchmark for the project as the design develops.

Procurement Advice

We advise our Clients in the private and public sectors as to the most effective procurement strategy appropriate for their specific project as this is vital to the overall success of the project.

We ensure that our Clients implement the necessary tendering procedures relevant to their particular project.

Our knowledge of Publicly funded works procurement procedures has proven extremely beneficial to many Contracting Authorities and indeed private entities or groups undertaking projects partially funded by the Exchequer.

Value Engineering

As a practice, MGM Partnership regularly apply value engineering to projects on which we are involved.

This may be applied to ensure that Client’s requirements are met in terms of functionality whilst achieving value for money in achieving this.

The process can be applied at the early stages of the design process in order to establish the budget parameters for the project or it can be applied in order to achieve cost savings on a project.

The proposed specification, construction form etc. are all rigorously assessed to ensure that the Client’s project is achieving its maximum potential and value for money.

Tender Documents & Tender Evaluation

MGM partnership prepares structured and detailed tender documentation to suit project specific considerations.

For Public sector projects we prepare tender documentation in strict accordance with the Capital Works Management Framework circulars.

MGM Partnership carry out extensive arithmetical checks on all returned tenders to ensure that there are no errors or anomalies with the rates contained therein.

We evaluate all tenders to ensure that the recommended tender offers the most value for money to the Client for the project.

MGM Partnership negotiate with the lowest tenderer to ensure that all the Client’s and Design Team’s requirements are reflected in the contract documentation and agree a fixed price lump sum contract with the successful contractor.

A Tender Report is issued upon conclusion of the tender process.

On publicly funded projects, all tender assessments are carried out in strict accordance with the relevant criteria.

Contract Administration

With a knowledge and experience base of building contracts in Ireland and the UK in traditional and Design and Build arrangements in the private and public sectors of over 25 years, MGM Partnership is pre-eminently positioned to administer building contracts from €500,000 to €150,000,000.

Irrespective of which contract type is utilised our key focus at all times is to ensure that rigid cost control procedures are adhered to throughout the contract.

Final Account Negotiations

Upon completion of the construction phase of the project on site, we assess the final account submission, received from the Main Contractor, negotiate the costs and agree the final contract sum.

This process is undertaken in close collaboration with our Design Team Colleagues and Clients.

Due to the stringent cost control procedures MGM Partnership implement during the project the final account is invariably agreed promptly and within the previously agreed budget parameters.

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